Gail Joiner is a New Orleans native and serial entrepreneur.  Since 2004, Gail has provided consulting services to new business owners in financial management, local market research, and business planning.  She has helped many startup business owners write their business plans using accurate financial projections and forecasts.  Gail’s approach to helping clients is based on a one-on-one consultation and starts wherever the client is in their process.

When Gail launched her first business, she received support from many local business development services twenty years ago.  During those days, she had access to a personal consultant, business financial adviser on funding for the business, and many additional business advisors to call upon as needed. Today, many support systems no longer exist for new startups, especially in the African American community.

Gail is now using her business acumen to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to start new businesses. Her approach is to take her clients through the entire process of creating their business.  She also helps clients form alliances, partnerships, and collaboration with industry experts to strengthen their position in the marketplace.

Today, many young entrepreneurs are eager to open modern beauty supply stores.  After years of research and planning within the beauty supply industry, Gail has documented best practices and critical lessons from helping to open beauty supply stores throughout the country.

Beauty BOASS offers many of the same services that she received when she first started her journey to business ownership. Operating an online platform makes it possible to offer more clients around the country the ongoing business support they need to succeed.

Most of her clients are women, African Americans, military veterans, and millennials who are pre-revenue startups.

Our Mission

Beauty BOASS’s mission is to build an all-inclusive online business support network platform that creates an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to support black-owned businesses and specifically beauty-related businesses.  

Our management style reflects a holistic approach by focusing on three major tenets of business ~ people, product, and process. 

We believe with the right mindset and compassion for supporting black-owned businesses, we can help to build and sustain many of our members’ businesses. 

Why Do Beauty BOASS Conduct Site Surveys?

Beauty BOASS conducts site surveys in order to obtain up-to-date and deep-dive information about our industry from a black-owned business perspective and target audience for our brand partners and visionary seeking to learn more about our industry. 

Our focus is to capture unique data points through our membership base on the subjects of beauty, wellness, business, technology, and lifestyle.   All participating members will receive access to the findings in the form of reports and analysis.